We can build your product.

We offer development services for end-to-end products involving apps, IOT devices, websites and cloud server backends.

Whether you are an individual or a company we can exclusively or collaboratively build your products.

We are product focused

We think like your end customer when we design and test your product.

We are agile

We have a release early release often policy. So you get to see and use the product as it is built.

We are architects

Right technology architecture and approaches enable us to build complex products efficiently.

We believe in quality, inside out

Our code base is tightly reviewed and tested before it becomes part of your product. We strive to do it right the first time.

We are aesthetic

We believe that form and function are two sides of the same coin.

We are efficient

Things don't just work but they work efficiently.


ImpliedX Productions is an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for IOT devices and related software ecosystems. If you have a product idea, we can help you elaborate that into a technical specification based on the latest standards in the industry, and build software and hardware against it.

We do end-to-end products for you, so that you can focus on your market. We follow a lean model for development, so that you can start using your product as early as possible, and keep getting updates as it evolves. This way, you can gain confidence quickly by gathering market feedback early, and adapt the product accordingly. Our modern engineering processes can manage change easily.

We are based out of Bangalore, India. We are a pool of passionate technologists and designers who love what they do and are experts in their respective craft, with extensive years of experience. Our productions are not just technically perfect, but also aesthetically beautiful.

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